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Kosher Sushi?

Saturday, 26 October, 2013 - 6:53 pm


On Sukkot, we had a Sushi in the Sukkah party. It was a real family event, with many people meeting each other for the first time. Children and adults alike enjoyed the Sushi made on location as over 6o people participated. During the course of the evening everyone had an opportunity to make the blessing on the Lulav and Esrog.

Behind the scenes...

While Sushi in the Sukkah, might be as simple as dialing a number in some larger Jewish cities. In Portugal it was something quite more detailed.

After enlisting and receiving guidance and support from a Jewish friend who runs a not (yet) Kosher Sushi Shop. We went about tracking down all necessary components.

Apprently Sushi rice need rice vinegar (who knew), thankfully the local health store carried an international brand with a Kosher symbol.

All was great until I called Avi (our friend who owns the Sushi place) and described to him my find. "Uh, Rabbi, you will need about twenty of those (150 ml) bottles."

The store I was in had 3 in stock... The event was tomorrow... A few minutes later the kind cashier gave me a map of the store branches in the Lisbon Cascais area. Each store had on average 3 or 4 bottles.

At midnight (with the assistance of a close friend, who works downtown near a shop that miraculously had 6 bottles!) bottle number 20 was purchased, just as Colombo Mall was closing!



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