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Tefilin in Portugal, all's well in Brazil

Monday, 17 June, 2013 - 9:42 am

Friday morning, I receive an email from David. He is here visiting from Brazil. He is here in Lisbon for the next few days and forgot to bring his Tefilin, he wanted to know if we had a pair available.

We agreed to meet in Rossio square in downtown Lisbon, where my daughter Sara and I brought the Tefilin over.

When we met David, he was worried. He had just received word that his grandfather was ill, and was returning to Brazil to see him.

Handing over the Tefilin, I told him to keep it untill the morning he heads home. We both prayed for a recovery.

On Monday, before leaving for home, David returned the Tefilin.

A few days later I received this note: 

Hello rabbi, How are you doing? And little Sarah? I'd like to thank you again, putting the Tefilin those days were very important for me.

My grandfather is fine now, at home, it seems like nothing happend! We are all very happy.


Comments on: Tefilin in Portugal, all's well in Brazil

roberto l guttmann wrote...

It's good to know we have an extra pair of tefilin (and all that goes with it) in Lisbon!coming over in a couple of weeks and plan to look you up! Best wishes and regards, to the whole family.. robyg& Co.