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Happenings in Portugal

Chanukah 5774-2013


The Celebration in Cinema City Beloura, was an event especially for the children. For the third consecutive year, together with our friends of Cinema City, the children enjoyed a magnificent celebration.


First the children tried their hand at a “Dreidel Piñata.” A Can Menorah was then constructed using the many cans donated by those in attendance. The cans were later donated to needy families.


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Since the summer and the establishment of Casa Chabad Cascais, we have had many activities in Cascais.

When we approached the Municipaltiy with the request for the Public Menorah and Celebration, the Mayor responded by asking,”When, Where and How?”

 The entire staff of the Municipality embraced the project and helped make it a huge success. At the suggestion of the Mayor, the location chosen was the most iconic part of Cascais, overlooking the Bay and into the Atlantic Ocean.

Mayor Carreiras called this Menorah “The closest Menorah in the world, to the Atlantic Ocean.”

On the 2nd night of Chanukah we had a celebration, with a beautiful attendance. One of the longtime Cascais residence remarked, “I have waited forty years for something like this to happen in Cascais.”



Already a fixture of the Chanukah Holiday, the Menorah in Lisbon is a highlight for many of the city’s residents. This year’s celebration brought the largest crowd ever to attend. The highlight of the event was the participation of many of the young Jewish professionals living in town.    Many of that demographic was honored with lighting a candle on the Menorah.

There was hot drinks and music to warm up the cold night.


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